Bike Mania

Bike Mania 1.1.3

Motocross fun on your mobile phone


  • Realistic physics
  • Good sound effects
  • Easy to pick up and play


  • Dull control system
  • Gets boring quite quickly

Not bad

Bike Mania is a motocross game for Android in which you're challenged to ride over a series of obstacles in the quickest time possible.

You control your motorcycle in Bike Mania using two action buttons to accelerate and reverse. A sliding lever is used to pull the bike upwards or lean forwards, which you'll need to use skillfully to avoid toppling over when climbing over rocks, barrels and other obstacles. Bike Mania includes tutorial levels and instructional videos to help you get to grips with the controls.

The object of Bike Mania is to move through the levels as quickly as you can. When replaying levels, a ghost bike appears to show you how you're performing against your previous best.

The graphics in Bike Mania are smart but not amazing. However, the physics are very realistic, as are the sound effects.

Bike Mania doesn't have quite the same charm as Moto X Mayhem, which is more fun to play thanks to its accelerometer-based control system.

If you're a big fan of motocross then Bike Mania is worth downloading, but its appeal fades fairly quickly.

Bike Mania


Bike Mania 1.1.3

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